Saturday Spotlight: Perfect BBQ playlist

Today we are having a BBQ for my mum’s birthday (which was actually yesterday) so I thought it was a great excuse to use my Saturday Spotlight blog series to share what I consider to be the perfect BBQ playlist, so kick back and enjoy and feel free to use this selection for your next BBQ.

Note: I’ve only picked one song by each artist or band to highlight and write about but if there are multiple songs on my playlist by each artist or band I’ve added links at the bottom of my explanation for the song I picked.

1: Macarena – Los Del Rio

No party or BBQ should be without this tune, especially if things are going to get a little merry and you can convince people to do the dance due to the influence of alcohol – everyone knows this dance even if they claim not to!!!

2: The Tide is High – Atomic Kitten

The original by Blondie is actually very good too but this is the version I would prefer on my BBQ playlist, it’s more upbeat than the Blondie version and it’s a very summery song so perfect for a Summer BBQ

3: Club Tropicana – Wham!

This is another great summer themed song that makes it onto my ultimate BBQ playlist too

4: The Flood – Take That

This is one of those songs you have up loud for everyone to sing along to

5: Wig Wam Bam – Black Lace

I think Black Lace songs are great for summery parties/BBQs especially if you got kids coming but for me i’d play them anyway, this is my favourite Black Lace song but check out their others too like
Other Black Lace songs: “Agadoo

6: Summer of Love – Steps

Steps are my favourite band ever and while this won’t be the only song of theirs on my playlist I didn’t want to put loads so I picked this one for it’s summery theme
Other Steps Songs: “5,6,7,8” “Better Best Forgotten” “Tragedy” “Story of a Heart” “Scared of the Dark” “Neon Blue” “Chain Reaction” “Dancing Queen” “Here & Now


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