Life is Strange Review: the spoiler edition

Life is Strange is an episodic series consisting of five episodes where you play the role of Maxine ‘Max’ Caulfield who has moved back to her childhood home town of Arcadia Bay after 5 years away living in Seattle just so she can attend Blackwell Academy and every choice you make in the game leads to different consequences not just for Max but the whole of Arcadia Bay.

This being the spoiler edition of my review I’ve no need to hold back anything that may ruin it for those yet to play the game as you’ve had plenty enough warning to stop reading this post, you can read my spoiler free edition here if you are leaving us at this point, however if you want spoilers….keep reading!!

Life is Strange presents itself as something very different at the start of episode 1 to what it becomes before the end of episode 5.

I guess that’s how it gets you, it reels you in with episode 1 making you believe it’s a nice story about a teenage girl who is very quiet and shy but loves photography who is trying to find her way as both a student and an artist, and that her biggest obstacle is the snobby posh girl in her class (Victoria Chase) who likes to bully people she is jealous of.

Yes okay there is a scene where a lad called Nathan Prescott enters the girl’s bathroom armed with a gun (which can’t be good news for anyone) and shoots a girl dead right in front of Max’s eyes, thus leading to Max accidentally finding this super power she has that allows her to rewind time and change history but there’s nothing about Max’s new found power that suggests the story will take you on the journey it does!

That’s where I think Dontnod (the creators of this strange game – pun definitely intended) have been quite sneaky and clever….let me explain.

Episode 1 might have had gun issues but let’s remember this game is set in America and while it’s not common practice for kids to be in school armed with guns on a daily basis it’s certainly more common than it is here in the U.K. So let’s just say I wasn’t alarmed by this and it didn’t lead me to think or question wether something later down the line could happen that was worse than that.

Even the attempted suicide (your choices decide if she is successful or not) of Kate Marsh wasn’t enough to put me on the right track to see what sort of path this story was taking (even though by that point if episode 2 I already knew she’d been drugged at a party I just didn’t see any of it coming)

Life is Strange Review: the spoiler free edition

Life is Strange is an episodic series consisting of five episodes where you play the role of Maxine ‘Max’ Caulfield who has moved back to her childhood home town of Arcadia Bay after 5 years away living in Seattle just so she can attend Blackwell Academy.

This being the spoiler free edition of my review it’ll be down to you to discover more about why Max has returned after so long away and what connections she still has in Arcadia Bay

Life is Strange Review navigation post

I’ve just finished Life is Strange (PS4) to 100% completion and it’s been a wild ride and I’d like to review it.

To help anyone who is yet to play it and wishes to read a review that is totally spoiler free I have created two reviews, the first being a general review with no spoilers and the second being riddled with spoilers, if you haven’t played it and read the general one to see if I would recommend the game and see how I thought it rated as a game maybe once you complete it you will come back and read the second half where I’ve reviewed it more in depth with spoilers and secrets.

Part 1 with no spoilers what so ever can be found here

Part 2 where there are more spoilers than you can imagine can be found here

Photography on the Pier

Today I am down in Portsmouth visiting friends and family for the day/night and we will leave straight after breakfast first thing tomorrow morning as I have work for about 8 hours tomorrow afternoon.

It’s been a lovely day, my friend took me to the pier where I got to take some lovely photographs so I thought I’d share this one which has to be my favourite one I took.

As we sat on a bench right on the end of the pier contemplating where to go for lunch we sat looking directly at a carousel

Saturday Spotlight: road trip tunes

For this week’s Saturday Spotlight post I’ve decided to do another music selection post and since I’m currently in the car on the way to Portsmouth on what should be a two hour road trip (if traffic is good) what better topic to pick than songs I consider best for a road trip?

1: Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont

I love this song on a long drive

2: Not in Love – Olin & The Moon

This song is just one of those songs that should be played loud and sung at the top of your voice

3: Speed Demon – Michael Jackson

The clue here is in the title, the speed of the beat of this song is just perfect for a cruise down a long motorway or highway

Saturday Spotlight: Perfect BBQ playlist

Today we are having a BBQ for my mum’s birthday (which was actually yesterday) so I thought it was a great excuse to use

My Saturday Spotlight blog series to share what I consider to be the perfect BBQ playlist

1: Macarena – Los Del Rio

No party or BBQ should be without this tune, especially if things are going to get a little merry and you can convince people to do the dance due to the influence of alcohol – everyone knows this dance even if they claim not to!!!

What a bargain

I bagged myself a gaming bargain today from Home Bargains, they had Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016 on the PlayStation 4 for the bargain price of £1.99!!!

Sports games aren't usually my thing, not that I don't like them I'm just not that good at them but sometimes I fancy something different to play and get myself a sports game if it's on sale but I'll repeat I'm still no good at them….but for £1.99 who actually cares? Not this girl!!!!

Yes it is the 2016 game and come September they will release the 2018 game so it is 2 years out of date but again I'm not great at sports games so it seems daft to pay £50+ for a game I'll struggle with for a bit, earn a few trophies then put it away cos I struggled (again!!) when there's a 2016 version for £1.99 that really does mostly the same stuff just with a few tweaks & differences in squad line-ups here & there doesn't it?